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Waukegan Traffic Attorneys Can Restore Your Out of State LicenseThe Law Offices of Winer & Winer has helped driver’s throughout the country retain driving privileges from their resident state due to a “Hold” from the Illinois Secretary of State.  Due to this hold they are unable to renew their current driver’s license or obtain a new license in their resident state.  To read a published article by David Winer about Out of State Hearings, click here.


The clearing of a Hold from Illinois can be a daunting and frustrating process.  Many driver’s who attempt to complete the process themselves often put themselves in a much worse situation.  Non-Illinois residents who received a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or other suspendable offense while in Illinois license face several challenges in removing the hold from Illinois.  This Hold is due to the newly created “National Registry” in which every state now is required, before issuing a driver’s license or renewing an existing one, to check the National Registry of driving records to determine if the driver has received a DUI , unpaid ticket or other suspendable offense in any other state.  Also referred to as the “PDPS” (Problem Driver Pointer System) it is designed to advise all the other states of any revocations, suspensions or past serious traffic offenses.

David Winer has authored a respected article regarding Out-of-State Residents titled, “Illinois Revocation Holds and Out-of-State Packets with the Secretary of State”.

Remove Your Illinois Revocation Hold and Get Your Driving Privileges Back!!

Due to the PDPS check many drivers whose arrests happened a long time ago are now dealing with the consequences in their resident states. If the person is revoked or suspended in Illinois the National Registry will indicate this and the renewal of their driver’s license or issuance of a new drivers license will then be denied by their resident State. The person then must contact Illinois and start the process of clearing the Hold in Illinois. Until this Illinois Hold is cleared that person will be unable to renew their current license or obtain any type of driving privileges in their resident state.

This can be extremely frustrating because many drivers thought the old Illinois arrest and ramifications were over with many years ago and their resident state has permitted them to drive for a long time. However, due to the PDPS System Illinois will not remove the Hold unless you have it removed by the court or through a Secretary of State hearing conducted either in person or through the mail with an Out-of State Packet (OOS Packet) If the driver lives within 30 miles of the Illinois border they must have an in-person Formal or Informal hearing. If they live beyond that they can choose either to have an in-person hearing or proceed with an OOS Packet through the mail.

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The OOS Packet is a very detailed questioner designed and prepared by the Illinois Secretary of State. At first glance the questions do not seem very complicated, but the wrong answers can result in a denial and put the driver in a much worse situation for future petitions. The Secretary of State is very particular about the detailed information this documentation must include and often rejects documents. Often the Secretary of State requires past alcohol evaluations, treatment documentation and may even request a brand new evaluation.  But, unless this process is successfully completed the Hold will NEVER be removed.

It is important that you have the assistance of an experienced Illinois attorney to help guide you through the complex Secretary of State system.  The Law Office of Winer & Winer has helped countless drivers throughout the country remove the hold from the Illinois Secretary of State. We are very familiar with the procedures and work closely with you to ensure the best outcome. We have the experience and proven results to help you with all the paperwork and other issues to remove the hold and obtain driver’s license reinstatement.

We help drivers who lost their license due to:

  • Driving Under the Influence Conviction
  • Multiple moving violations or other serious traffic offenses
  • Failure to Appear in Court or Bond Forfeiture convictions
  • Possession of False Identification or providing false information to the Secretary of State
  • Any offenses or circumstances that resulted in a suspension or revocation

David Winer is recognized as a leading attorney in Secretary of State hearings, and has:

  • Authored several pre-eminent articles on all types of Secretary of State hearings
  • Lectured other attorneys as an Illinois Continuing Legal Education presenter of SOS hearings
  • Presented an Internet course for Continuing Legal Education for lawyers at
  • Spoke at a seminar for the Probation Department and Alcohol/Drug Counselors
  • Guest appearances on NVC radio station about Secretary of State hearings


Q. I am not a resident of Illinois, Should I have an in-person hearing or do an Out-of-State Packet through the mail? 

A. First, if the driver lives within 30 miles of the Illinois border they must have an in-person Formal or Informal hearing. If they live beyond that they can choose either to come to Illinois to have an in-person hearing or proceed with an OOS Packet through the mail. While anybody who lives beyond 30 miles of Illinois can submit the OOS Packet, in certain circumstances we advise our clients to have an in-person hearing if they do not live too far. On the other hand, if a client desires to submit an OOS Packet we have the experience to help with all aspects of the petition.

Q. My Illinois license was revoked due to a DUI from outside the state of Illinois. What can I do?

A. When a person gets a DUI from another state it will be sent to the Problem Driver Pointer Systems or directly to the Illinois Secretary of State who will then revoke the driver’s license of the Illinois resident. The driver may be eligible for an Informal or Formal hearing at the Secretary of State. They must comply with the requirements of obtaining an alcohol evaluation, treatment documents and any other documents relating to their case and particular situation. These requirements must be completed before proceeding to a hearing and it is important to know the type questions that arise at that hearing and be prepared for all possible issues that may arise.

Q. I was previously denied a permit or reinstatement at a hearing. What can you do for me?

At the Law Offices of Winer & Winer, we have represented numerous clients who were previously denied driving privileges from a prior Formal or Informal hearing or an Out of State Packet. Firstly, we request all of the documents that were provided for the Secretary of State and used as part of their decision making process.  We carefully go through the documents to find out the specific reason for the denial and attempt to repair the problems.  We work closely with the client and evaluators to remedy the reason for the denial and submit appropriate documents confronting the reason for the denial.

Q. My DUI occurred many years ago. Do I still have to go through the hearing or can I pay a fee to reinstate my driver’s license?

Many clients have had a DUI from many years ago that are now causing a problem with their license. While some states permit the payment of a reinstatement fee, Illinois is not one of them. If there is an Illinois DUI conviction that results in a revocation, that client must either have an Out of State Packet or in person hearing. An Illinois revocation is permanent and indefinite and the hearing process is the only way to remove the revocation and hold.

Q. Can I use any evaluator or treatment provider in or outside the state of Illinois?

Typically any state licensed counselor or treatment provider is eligible many do not know the specific requirements in Illinois. We often use Illinois DASA licensed evaluator to consult with an out of state evaluator to provide them with the details necessary to satisfy the Illinois Secretary of State. We know many evaluators who understand Illinois law and provide reliable information and documents. When a client does not know an evaluator we assist to find an appropriate one either in Illinois or out of state.

Q. Do I need more treatment before the hearing even though I did it many years ago after the Illinois DUI? 

A. There are many factors that determine whether more treatment is required such as the number of prior DUI arrests, the years of the arrests, the type of treatment completed etc. Most of our past out of state clients do not have to do any additional treatment sometime only have to complete a 10 hour remedial education program.

Q. Can I just go to an evaluator in my resident state and get an evaluation and send it to Illinois? 

A. The Illinois Secretary of State has very specific requirements as to documents needed for an out of state packet or in person hearing. Many out of state packets conducted by out of state evaluators do not comply with the Illinois requirements. This usually results in a denial and a qualified Illinois attorney is needed to advise both the client and evaluator on the specific requirements.

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