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Round Lake Beach Drivers License Reinstatement Lawyer - Dave WinerIs your Illinois driver’s license suspended or revoked?

Did you know it may be possible to get your driving privileges back?

The Law Offices of Winer and Winer helps people get their driver’s license back through a process known as Illinois Drivers License Reinstatement. Call today for your ‘free consultation’ so we can review your driving records and your eligibility for either full reinstatement or a restricted driving permit

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Illinois Secretary of State Hearings Lawyer in Round Lake Beach

The Law Offices of Winer & Winer has represented hundreds and hundreds of motorists, including people in or around Round Lake Beach, Illinois before the Illinois Secretary of State. Our attorneys have extensive experience in both ‘Formal Illinois Secretary of State Hearings‘ and ‘Informal Illinois Secretary of State Hearings‘. We are committed to giving you a fair and honest assessment and then working hard to help you get your Illinois driver’s license back.

With decades of experience with the Illinois Secretary of State, we have helped countless drivers obtain ‘Full Reinstatement’ of their Illinois drivers license or a ‘Restricted Driving Permit’. We take your driving privileges very seriously and will explore all of your options.

Put an Experienced Round Lake Beach Driver’s License Reinstatement Attorney on Your Team

David Winer has published several articles in legal journals about Illinois Secretary of State Hearings, Illinois Driver’s License Reinstatement, and other related topics. To learn more about all types of Secretary of State Hearings, visit our online library of Published Legal Articles.

Mr. Winer is widely recognized by his legal piers for representing Illinois residents and non-residents, and has authored well-respected legal articles on topics ranging from Illinois Secretary of State Formal Hearings, Illinois Secretary of State Informal Hearings, Out of State Packets for non Illinois residents with an Illinois Hold on their driver’s license, and Vacating Court Convictions.

In addition, Dave Winer has taught other lawyers at Illinois Continuing Legal Education Seminars and has presented a legal education video at

Dave is a member of the traffic and criminal law committee of the Illinois State Bar Association and Lake County Bar Association and also holds memberships with the Chicago Bar Association, Northwest Suburban Bar Association, Justinian Bar Association and Jefferson Inns of Court.

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The Law Offices of Winer and Winer helps people who’s driver’s license is suspended or revoked due to:

  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI) for Illinois & Non-Illinois Residents
  • Multiple moving violations or other serious traffic violations
  • Drivers under 21 with multiple tickets or open alcohol charges
  • Driving while license is suspended or revoked
  • Failure to Appear in Court or Bond Forfeiture convictions
  • Possession of False Identification or providing false information to the Secretary of State
  • Any offenses or circumstances that resulted in a suspension or revocation

Types of Relief Available to Round Lake Beach residents for Illinois Suspended Driver’s Licenses

Restricted Driving Permits

For Illinois residents or out-of-state residents who work in Illinois, pursuant to a Formal or Informal Hearing the Secretary of State can issue a Restricted Driving Permit for the specified purposes below:

  • Employment; to and from work and while on the job
  • Medical care for yourself or a family member
  • Education for yourself or a family member
  • Daycare for your child Attendance in a support group
  • Court ordered public service

For more detailed information about your situation, click here if you are an Illinois Residents or here if you are a Non-Illinois Resident.

Round Lake Beach License Reinstatement

Following a suspension once the termination date has passed, if there are no violations, then a reinstatement fee must be paid to the Secretary of State to obtain full driving privileges. However, with a revocation, even if the eligibility date has passed full reinstatement is not automatic. The revocation is indefinite and any type of driving privileges can only be granted pursuant to a Formal, Informal hearing or Out of State Packet.

Non-Alcohol Drivers License Suspensions or Revocations

If your driver’s license is suspended due to moving violations, missed court appearances or any other reason we may be able to assist you. It may be possible to file in court a Motion to Vacate your conviction, petition the Secretary of State for a Restricted Driving Permit or explore other methods to get you back on the road. Receiving a ticket for Driving on a suspended or revoked driver’s license can carry severe penalties and extend the eligibility dates for a Restricted Driving Permit or reinstatement.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Round Lake Beach Drivers License Reinstatement

If I already was denied at a prior hearing can you still help me?

Yes, we often represent clients that previously were unsuccessful at a Secretary of State hearing, whether they represented themselves or with an attorney. In such cases, we will obtain your prior hearing records and treatment documents and determine why you were denied. We will then move to address these reasons and prepare your to correct any outstanding issues with you and the evaluator. As with all other hearings, we will thoroughly prepare you and represent you at your hearing. With your help your chances at succeeding at your next hearing dramatically improve.

What if I have a non-alcohol related suspension?

Depending on the type of suspension, you may be eligible for a Restricted Driving Permit or reinstatement. As with any hearing, we thoroughly review all the documentation and prepare you for the hearing. I live out of state, can I still apply for driving relief? Yes, out of state clients who are revoked due to an Illinois offense may either have an in-person hearing or apply through the mail with a Secretary of State “Out-of-State Packet.” We will guide you throughout the entire process.

What if my Illinois License was revoked due to an out of state offense?

Many clients lose their Illinois license due to an out of state offense. To restore your driving privileges you must appear before the Secretary of State hearing to obtain a Restricted Driving Permit or reinstatement. We can represent you at this hearing.

What is the difference between a Restricted Driving Permit and a Reinstatement Hearing?

Depending on the type and age of the offense which led to the loss of your license, the Secretary of State determines whether you must first obtain a Restricted Driving Permit (RDP) or are eligible for full reinstatement. An RDP allows people to drive to and from work, school, medical visits, daycare, public service and to attend support meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous. After receiving a Restricted Driving Permit, and are otherwise eligible for full reinstatement, you can request a hearing to apply for full reinstatement of your driving privileges once the nine-month eligibility period has passed.

How long will it take and what is the procedure?

For a Formal Hearing you must mail a written petition with a $50.00 fee to the Illinois Secretary of State. A Notice of Hearing will be mailed to you with a hearing date, usually four to six weeks from the time the petition was mailed. On the hearing date you must testify before a hearing officer who will also review any documentation you are required to bring. A ruling will be mailed to you anywhere from one to three months later. For an Informal Hearing one must go to a local Secretary of State office that has a hearing officer present. No written petition is required.

How do we prepare for an Illinois Secretary of State Hearing?

Proper preparation is the key to a successful hearing. It is critical to spend the time needed with each client to preparing them the issues that will be raised at the hearing. Prior to the hearing we will:

  • Review driving record: This is to determine the type and basis of your suspension or revocation and to determine whether you are eligible for a ‘Restricted Driving Permit’ or ‘Full Reinstatement’.
  • Review all Treatment Documentation: It is critical to carefully review all your prior alcohol evaluations and treatment documentation. Your testimony at the Secretary of State hearing must be consistent with the treatment information.
  • Denial Order from Prior Hearing: If you have had a previous Secretary of State Hearing it is critical to carefully review the denial letter and to address the reasons you were denied. You must then remedy those reasons in your new evaluation and testimony.
  • Preparation for Testimony: During our meetings with you we will give you a direct assessment of your case and device the best approach to win your driving privileges back. We will cover such issues as the circumstances of each DUI arrest, what you learned from your treatment, the changes you made in your life, you past and current drinking patterns and the hardships you face in not having a license. We must also convince the Secretary of State that you can be relied on to never to drink and drive again.
  • New Updated Evaluation: If you earlier evaluation is more than six months old you must obtain a new Update Evaluation and possibly additional documentation. Your new evaluation is critical and will contain information relied in by the Secretary of State. Get Back on the Road! Call The Law Offices of Winer & Winer Today 847-336-9111

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