Secretary of State Hearings

Secretary of State Hearings in Lake County IllinoisFormal and Informal Hearings

To obtain driving privileges a person must have a hearing before the Secretary of State. There are two types of hearings:  formal and informal.

Unfortunately, whether it is a ‘formal’ or ‘informal’ hearing, the majority of people who attend these hearings without a qualified lawyer are denied.

That’s why we strongly recommend that you speak with a qualified attorney who concentrates in drivers license reinstatement and has a long track record of success with both ‘formal hearings’ and ‘informal hearings’.

Formal Secretary of  State Hearings – Drivers License Reinstatement

At the formal hearing the Secretary of State will have its own prosecutor who will question you.  To ensure a fair hearing you must have a qualified attorney who will represent you at the hearing and thoroughly prepare you prior to the hearing.  An attorney that concentrates in Secretary of State law is a must.

Why Select the Attorneys at the Law Offices of Winer & Winer

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Winer & Winer have helped literally hundreds of people restore or obtain their driving privileges.  We understand the process better than most and are well-versed in the complex requirements set forth by the Secretary of State.

David Winer is recognized in the legal community as a leading attorney in Secretary of State hearings.  David Winer has:

  • Authored several pre-eminent articles on Secretary of State hearings
  • Has lectured other attorneys as a Illinois Continuing Legal Education presenter of SOS hearings, and
  • Has also lectured at seminars for the Probation Department and Alcohol/Drug Counselors.  Y

You will be hard-pressed to find a better qualified attorney to help you get your drivers license back and represent you at your Secretary of State hearing.

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Preparation for Your Secretary of State Hearing

We will provide you with detailed instructions of the specific steps to prepare for your hearing.  We will review all of your treatment documents including the evaluation, treatment plan, discharge summary, aftercare plan, etc. and make certain they meet the Secretary of State requirements.  We will directly address any potential problems with your evaluator and make sure they are resolved prior to your hearing and will help you obtain the letters you need to present. In addition, we will be prepare you to testify.

We will meet with you several times to make sure your documentation and testimony is accurate.  Many clients prefer appointments on the weekends or in the evening to avoid missing work and to obtain a ride.  Because we know the inconvenience and hardship of not having a license we try to accommodate our clients and arrange convenient week end and after hours appointment times.

General Process –  Secretary of State Hearing

Proper preparation is the key to a successful Secretary of State reinstatement hearing and it is critical to spend a lot of quality time with each client preparing them to understand the issues that will be raised at the hearing.  Prior to the hearing we will:

  • Review driving record:  To determine the type your suspension or revocation and determine whether you are eligible for a Restricted Driving Permit or full reinstatement.
  • Review all Treatment Documentation:  It is critical to carefully review all your prior alcohol evaluations and treatment documentation. Your testimony at the Secretary of State hearing must be consistent with the treatment information.
  • Denial Order from Prior Hearing:  If you have had a previous Secretary of State Hearing it is critical to carefully examine the denial letter to learn the reasons why you were denied. We must then remedy and address those reasons in your new evaluation and testimony.
  • Preparation for Testimony:  During several meetings we give you a direct and easily understandable methods to approach your case and provide testimony at the hearing. We will the circumstances of each DUI arrest, what you learned from treatment, changes you made in your life since your last arrest, past and current drinking patterns and your hardship in not having a license and why the Secretary of State should rely on you to never to get another DUI arrest.
  • New Update Evaluation:  If you earlier evaluation is more than six months old you must obtain a new Update Evaluation and possibly additional documentation. This new evaluation is critical and will contain information relied in by the Secretary of State.

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