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 39 reviews
Class Act!

David Winer is truly a "Class Act". After reviewing my case he assured me he could help me as long as took the steps that were needed . David made sure I was prepared when it was time for my hearing . Prior to meeting Dave I had gone to a formal hearing alone, I had know idea what to expect needless to say I was denied. David is very knowledgeable and will guide you in the right direction. I'm very grateful for his help I now have an "RDP" and will soon be fully reinstated. Thank You David Winer.Sincerely,Kurtis Boyd

The Most Amazing Lawyer in the World!!

Before I start my review, I want to say that I do not believe this, or any review will do David justice. I could not possibly write a strong enough review to describe how effective, amazing, and wonderful he is. My driving privileges were revoked, I had a 10 page driving abstract with over 16 speeding tickets. Every lawyer I went to said there was no hope, every time I called the Secretary of State they said there was no hope. My revocation Informal Hearing was denied, I thought I would never be able to drive again. My life, my job and son depended on me getting them back. David swooped in like a HERO and was able to get my licenses back in less then 30 days. He brought back tickets from 2010 was able to get supervision or have them completely dropped. He was effective, professional and quick. Extremely attentive and caring, not to mention the courts love him. Then after all that, the SOS made a mistake with a ticket that David was able to get dismissed, it still showed up. David went to the DMV that day and made them correct it. He called the following day and surprised me with the words, "Go get your license". He is amazing!! Not to mention, his price was very fair. Even knowing how desperate I was he was still extremely fair. Thank you David!!


David Winer provided us with excellent representation on our DUI case. He was extremely knowledgeable regarding the legislation and the court process. His position as both a defense attorney and prosecutor helped give us a valuable insightful and balanced approach to defending our case. He was very responsive and was always available to answer questions. We are very happy with the outcome of our case and would recommend David to anyone else who has similar legal challenges.

Thank You- SO MUCH !!!

Mr. Winer is clearly an expert in his field. From day one until the end he was instantly available and this was a year long process. His counsel was perfect in every situation that required it and there were many. It may not be mandatory to have an attorney for this procedure but I can, looking back, emphatically say there was very little chance of a positive outcome without his help.

Amazing DUI and Traffic Lawyer

David has represented me over the past year for my DUI. He is extremely knowledgeable and an excellent trial lawyer. He is always responsive to my various questions and efficient in handling my needs.

I Highly recommend David Winer

I’d like to thank David Winer for his expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail in handling my case. My license was revoked after my second DUI, and I was very worried that with the circumstances of my case, I’d never be able to drive again. Every step of the way, David was always honest and upfront about what to expect and what would be required. He helped me navigate the process to first acquire an RDP and, eventually, to have my license reinstated. In every instance, he replied quickly to my emails and phone calls. I will always be grateful for his help, and I would recommend him without hesitation.

David Winer is Simply the Best of the Best

I strongly recommend David Winer. He made my case straight forward and as easy as possible. I was able to text and call him whenever I had any questions and he answered them in a reasonable time. Over all I'm extremely happy with his performance.

by A satisfied client on Law Offices of Winer & Winer
A Trusted Advocate

There are a lot of attorneys who advertise that they specialize in DUI and driving related offenses, I spoke with many but ultimately chose Dave to represent me based on his confidence on specific items related to my case as well as his unwillingness to offer false promises. Dave was careful to explain the process that I could expect, he went over all of the unknowns and possible outcomes. Throughout the process Dave was willing to put in the extra effort to dig into case law related to some of the very unique characteristics of my case, which in the end was a huge benefit in securing the best possible outcome. It was Dave who came up with the plea agreement which he pushed hard to get accepted allowing me to deal with my sentence in my home state. Dave was forceful with me to ensure that I put myself in the best possible position before going into court which helped ensure the plea agreement was able to be signed on the spot.
Dave was someone who walked me through the process, did not over-commit, but kept pushing for the best outcome. In the end, I felt that Dave was by far the very best choice for my case and I am extremely relieved that I chose Dave Winer to represent me in this case. Dave came through for me with flying colors.

A Totally Great Lawyer!

Great lawyer. Very well informed and knowledgable. Was able to clearly explain everything that needs to be done and makes sure you are prepared.

God Bless you Mr. David Winer

i don;t have much experience with lawyers and did not know where to go for help. I called Mr. David Winer and immediately felt in good hands. In our first meeting he explained all my options and made recommendations. Thankfully everything turned out in my favor and i owe it all to Mr. Winer's experience and knowledge of the system and the respect that has earned working at his craft. Apart from his experience and knowledge working with the courts system i found him to be an totally honest and caring human being. I felt in good hands because of his integrity and his humanity. Something rare to fine in a person let alone a lawyer. God bless you Mr. Winer.

Best lawyer in Illinois!

Dave made this whole process painless.While I was getting overwhelmed by all the state requirements, Dave simplified and put them in an order that I could understand.And walked me through everything, giving me heads up of what to expect. Again the best lawyer in Illinois

Great Lawyer for All Secretary of State hearings

David Winer was recommended to me by my other lawyer who I used in court. He told me that David was the best of the best, and that he would be the person to go to if ever wanted to get my license back. I listened to my lawyer and decided to use David as my attorney for my secretary of state hearing. Great choice! I learned that David has very specific ways of doing things, because he knows Exactly how secretary of state hearings work. In other words, David knows which approaches work, and which approaches do not work. If you are in a situation where your license is revoked and you need an attorney to help you get your license back, I highly suggest that you use David Winer!

Best representation anyone could ask for

David Winer is an excellent attorney with excellent communication and excellent results. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for a positive outcome the first time around with the secretary of state. If ever needed again I would retain David Winer as my attorney in a heart beat!

Waukegan's Truest, Most Professional and Most Caring Attorney

I spent 5 years working with David Winer. He was my chosen attorney for getting my license fully reinstated. The difference between David and other attorneys is his authenticity as a person. David proved to me that it was important for him to establish a good working relationship. David took an interest in me as a person and really cared about helping me get through very tough times, money rarely came up with David and to be honest I thought I was going to spend a lot more than I did. At a time when I didn't deserve much respect David looked past my situation and simply wanted to help make a difference. His ability to guide me along through the process was very important in the confidence I needed to get through the Secretary of State meetings. In the end I wasn't sure what was going to happen but David assured me that everything was going to be okay. He was right. I hope I never have to see David again but if I do he will for sure be my attorney. I don't believe there is a more caring, honest, honorable and effective attorney in lake or cook county Illinois.


I couldn't be more please d with the quality and professionalism of David Winer. Not only did he make the process easy but the outcome we received was much better than anyone had expected. David is a first rate lawyer. Use him and you will not regret it.

Excellent lawyer

David Winer handled everything for me promptly and professionally and I would highly recommend him to anyone. He is an excellent lawyer.

David got my driver's license back when I thought it would not be possible!

I have quite a history with DUI's my license was revoked for 5 years, after 3 years I am allowed to apply for restricted driving permit. I thought for sure I would be denied for the first Secretary of State hearing, but with David's guidance & expertise he clearly explained what all I needed to do. I followed his suggestions & recommendations' to the "T". I was approved for my RDP. I am forever grateful and have already recommended a friend to call him to help him out as well. I would have to say that David is the best in the business, he knows what he is doing! Hopefully I will not have to use him again myself! I suggest him with the highest marks!

by A DUI client on Law Offices of Winer & Winer
Exceptional representation yields excellent result

I highly recommend David Winer to handle my DUI offense and honestly, I thought I would never get my driver's license back. My case was complex with multiple DUI's. I followed David's advice completely; counseling, evaluation, etc. and 18 months or so later my driving privileges were fully reinstated. Simply stated, David is the best at what he does. I highly recommend him.

Attorney David Winer IS THE BEST AROUND

I would llike to thank Attorney David Winer for getting me driving again after having my license revoked nearly 30 years ago, From my first meeting with Mr. Winer I knew I had made the right decision Mr. Winer was upfront and honest and answered all my questions in a way that I could understand. ON 9/13/2014 I recieved a letter from the secretary of state that I my driving priveliges in Illinois have been reinstated and I will be allowed to drive in the state of Illinois again I would like to thank attorney David Winer.

Honest, reliable and responsive attorney

I considered 3 attorneys before making a decision to hire David Winer. David was not the cheapest (that was $2,000) and he wasn't the most expensive (that was $6,000) but he was fair and honest. I was charged with a 2nd offense DUI and it was reduced to reckless driving. When I met with Dave he told me what I could expect, what he thought he could do - and why - and then he did it! If you are looking for an attorney who is honest, responsive, and doesn't promise more than he can deliver, then Dave Winer is the attorney you should hire. Finding yourself charged with a DUI is a daunting experience. If you are willing to accept responsibility and looking for an attorney who will help you get the best possible result - then hire Dave Winer.

Great attorneys at the Law Offices of Winer & Winer!

This is a review of Evan Winer, a partner at this same law firm that David Winer is at. Evan Winer represented me earlier today for a traffic violation (of which I was admittedly guilty). My name was the first to be called after court had begun; I approached the bench, and my case was dismissed completely! I was under the impression Evan knew the judge because the only conversation exchanged had nothing to do with my case hahaha....just some quick light convo, then he looked at me and said "This case is completely dismissed, you'll owe nothing today, thank you Mrs. Hobbs." No fines, no court costs, and nothing will appear on my record; I was blown away! Evan was very professional, he was available when I called him the day of, he showed up on time, and helped me out tremendously. He saved me at least $300-$350 I would have had to pay, and I will be referring friends for sure!

Strongly Recommended

I strongly recommend choosing David Winer to represent you if you are in any legal trouble regarding your license/driving privileges. He can answer any questions you may have about your legal situation and is great about replying to emails as soon as possible. I was very satisfied by his ability and know-how when it came to regaining my driving privileges.

My License Is Reinstated!

From start to finish David was excellent, He kept me well prepared and made sure nothing was missed. We successfully got my license fully reinstated after being revoked for 10 years. I could not have done it with out him. I highly recommend him.

He's got your back

David Winer is the entire package. David is not only a very specialized skilled attorney who will keep you informed, but a great individual as well. While going though a rough time in my life, David was empathetic and understanding throughout. He's got your back every step of the way. If you want someone who will fight hard and well for you, there is none better.

The Best

Again, Dave saved me from losing my drivers license and also getting convicted of a misdemeanor charge of possession of a pipe. Over many years Dave has helped me a lot for all different type of cases. All the friends that I have referred to him were totally thankful for Dave as he saved them too. Dave always returns his phone calls, is on time to court and explains everything in an understandable manner. He is also extremely smart and you always feel he is on your side. Whether you have felony, misdemeanor or traffic ticket Dave is the man to hire. He also knows a lot of people in the court system, which always helps. I will always use Dave and continue to tell my friends to use him also, Believe me, he is the lawyer to go to, you won't be sorry. He is the best one I have ever used.

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